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„Im Rückblick“, Peter Häring, Sparkasse Fürth, 05.12. 2013 - 10.01.2014

„Polyphonie, Peter Häring, Stadttheater Fürth, 27.01. – 02.04.2008

„Neue Bilder“, Peter Häring, Stadtsparkasse Fürth, 26.11.1998 – 08.01.1999

Peter Häring, Galerie am Theater, Fürth,  01.12.1990 – 30.01.1991

Peter Häring, Galerie am Theater, Fürth, 06.11.1987 – 20.01.1988

Häring, Hubl, Stummvoll, Galerie am Theater, Fürth, 19.07. -  12.09.1985

Peter Häring, Galerie am Theater, Fürth, 26.04. – 18.07.1985



Peter Häring (1953 - 2011)


Peter Häring was born 1953 in Fürth (Bavaria), Germany.


He was a freelance artist and teacher at the State Lothar von Faber Fachoberschule Nuremberg, Germany.

After school he completed from 1968 to 1971 an apprenticeship for colour lithograph at the company F. X. Leipold in Zirndorf.

After completing his apprenticeship in 1975, Peter Häring began studying to become a freelance graphic artist and painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg under Prof. C. Fischer. In 1978 he was appointed a master student and received during his studies the Academy Award in 1979.

In the same year he also received the teaching assignment at the State Technical College in Nuremberg for manual printing techniques and lithographs. In 1981 he finished his studies and since then he had many national and international exhibitions.


In 2011 Peter Häring unexpectedly died at the age of only 58 in Fürth (Bavaria).


Peter Häring (1953 – 2011): FRÄNKISCHE LANDSCHAFT (FRANCONIAN LANDSCAPE), 1989, Coloured stone lithograph, First edition, with a dedication from Peter Häring: “Für John und Renate zum zehnjährigen Geschäftsjubiläum.”


A present from Peter Häring to J. & R. Hammond on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of their Galerie am Theater in 1998.