Willi Meder (b. 1940)


Wilfried Meder called Willi Meder was born in 1940 in Leipzig, Germany.


Willi Meder is a graduate of the Hochschule for Grafik & Buchkunst in Leipzig and worked from 1965 to 1975 as political cartoonist for the Leipziger Abendzeitung.


In 1984 Willi Meder moved to Wachendorf near Fürth, Bavaria.


Willi Meder lives and works currently near Bremen, Germany.


Willi Meder (b. 1940): Untitled, 1987, Black and white screen print, Sheet size 42 x 30 cm, Edtion 3 of 20, Signed

A present from Willi Meder to John and Renate Hammond on the occasion of his joint exhibition with Bärbl Meder at their 'Galerie am Theater' in Fürth, Bavaria in 1987.

Willi Meder (b. 1940): AUF EIN NEUES ..., 1997, Woodcut, Sheet size 35 x 21 cm, Edition 16 of 40, Signed

New Year greetings 1998 from Willi und Bärbel Meder to J. & R. Hammond with inscription on the reverse (ALLES GUTE FÜRS NEUE JAHR WÜNSCHEN EUCH WILLI + BÄRBL).