Varda Sharon Kramer (b. 1953)


Varda Sharon Kramer was born in 1953 in Israel.


She studied art history at the University of Haifa and visual arts at Vermont College, Norwich University.


Varda Sharon Kramer lives and works in Usifa a village near Haifa. 

The tranquil village live in a idyllic green landscape is in stark contrast to the difficult and complex realities of Israel. These contrasts are reflected in Varda's paintings and her texts.


Varda Sharon Kramer (b. 1953): FALSE LANDSCAPE, Acrylic and oil on paper,

58 x 76 cm


A present from Varda Sharon Kramer to J.& R. Hammond on the occasion of her solo show "Wurzeln, Roots, שורשים" at the Stadttheater Fürth in 2007.